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Warthog Firearms

Warthog Firearms is like so many other firearms shops veteran owned and operated. This is not our claim to fame. Warthog Firearms is your neighborhood firearms and accessories store. We are family and kid friendly, Great customer service is our passion.  Our customers make Warthog Firearms the store that it is.

Happy 50th birthday A-10 Warthog  5/15/2022

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Our online store.

Our store is up and running, with lots of items back in stock. Check out the new version of our store.

Warthog Firearms online store draws  inventory information from 8 major distributors, that have over 120,000 items from hundreds of vendors. Click the link below to be transfered to our online store. Not all Inventory on the online store is in stock, Please call or come by to see what we have in stock. 



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We sell Silencers.

Warthog firearms can help you with your NFA items and paper work. We source many different vendors to be able to find the suppressors you want. If you need a Gun Trust click the link below. Trusts only $79.00

Warthog Firearms has become part of the dealer network for Silencer Shop.  You will be able to buy and do all the paperwork at one time and not run all over the area to get pictures and finger prints. Now we are in Silencer Shop

dealer network with a Kiosk.


eForms is now running again, Warthog Firearms is working with Silencer Shop to fill in the eForms for you.


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We have a Lay-a-Way program that has no penalties or extra charges and we understand that at times life gets in the way so take upto 2 months to do it right. So stop by and pick out your faviorte firearm or just what you need to round out your collection or to top your best hunting rifle. 33% down and 2 months to pay it off.

We do have a 15% restocking fee if you change your mind on the products that are on Lay-a-way or the 2 months comes to and end.


New Items

BSF Barrels

    BSF Barrels uses Carbon Fiber in a way the we feel is most effective.  After turning down the barrel, we jacket a 416R Stainless steel match barrel in a roll-wrapped carbon fiber sleeve and load it under tension. 95% of the carbon fiber does not touch the stainless steel creating air gaps and allowing air to foil around the steel and cool the barrel faster.  We use this jacketing method rather than wrapping the barrel in carbon fiber because this method of wrapping has been proven to trap heat and cause delamination.  The carbon fiber we use is specially designed to move at the same expansion rate as 416R stainless steel. We machine openings into the carbon fiber allowing air to move around the barrel and vent heat quicker without any delamination issues.  This also allows the barrel to stay mostly free from being in contact with the rifling itself.  We have achieved a vibration dampening effect meaning the carbon absorbs the shock and vibration allowing a more consistent shot and groups. Using the Carbon Fiber this way keeps the rifling straighter the warmer the barrel gets because it's under tension. This allows us to maintain superior stiffness and strength while keeping the barrel extremely lightweight. These barrels have been in development and testing for years and are patented (Patent No.: US 10,365,061 B1).  We have been holding SUB MOA along all of our barrel lines.


View how well the OSS / HUXWRX suppressor works

OSS Suppressors now HUXWRX Safety Company


The HX-QD 762 Ti utilizes a patented Flow-Through™ design that moves the gases through the unit in a helical pattern that allows for expansion and cooling as they exit out the front. The torque generated by the exitng gases keeps the suppressor snug on the mount. No tools are needed for installation or removal.The HX-QD 762 Ti’s Flow Through system does not increase back pressure (blowback) like a traditonal baffle suppressor. This innovative technology produces heat at a lower rate than a traditional suppressor, and it does not increase toxic gas discharge at the ejection port. The HX-QD 762     Ti does not increase bolt velocity (+/- 5%). Therefore, muzzle rise and recoil are managed, and there is no increase in weapon malfunctions


OSS info

HX-QD 762 Ti provides modular and integrated signature management capabilities that reduce detection by sight, sound, and electro-optical/infrared (EO/IR) sensor systems.

• An adjustable wrench or OSS QD tool may be needed to remove the suppressor when component temperature exceeds 160 degrees Fahrenheit (71.1 Celsius).

• The atiachment or removal of the sound suppressor does not degrade system precision (ammuntion & rifle dependent).

• Removing and reatiaching the suppressor, the center of impact shall shift no more than 1.0 MOA at 100 meters (109 yards).

• Removing the suppressor, the center of impact shift shall be repeatable and predictable within 1 MOA at 100 meters (109 yards).

• The suppressor, when attached to the rifle, shall shift the mean point of impact of rounds fired, relative to firing without the suppressor, by no more than 2.0 MOA at a range of 100 meters (109 yards).

• When attached, the suppressor will not adversely affect shot dispersion.

• The suppressor does not require any fired rounds to seat or lock before grouping.• 10,000 round accuracy certification provided by Barrett. After firing 10,000 rounds of M118LR on a Barrett Rec 10, suppressor will be within ½ MOA of original accuracy test, provided, host weapon is still capable.

Powered By Silencer Shop


At Warthog Firearms, we work hard to simplify the buying & registration process - and now we're taking that to the next level with our Powered By Silencer Shop Kiosk. With this Kiosk you can buy, do the form 4, fingerprints and picture all at one time here at Warthog Firearms. It takes longer to figure out which silencer you want than do the paperwork.


Silencer Shop submits more eformsto the FBI than anybody else in the country; and, as a result, they have learned what works - as well as what doesn't.  they are able to keep Form 4 error rates to an absolute minumum by running an automated validation on the registration information, and then following that up with a manual review by some of the most experienced NFA experts in the country And that's before your paperwork even gets printed!

We're confident that you'll have a positive experience buying and doing paper work that you will be back for another silencer, Also the Silencer Shop guarantees every order!


Warthog Firearms now has our Silencer Shop portal open, you can shop from anywhere and at anytime. Their is over 5 million dollars of silencers to choose from. We also have silencers in stock from some of the best names in the industry.



Whats new at Warthog Firearms

09/19/2022 As of today Warthog Firearms is no longer accepting transfers from Silencer Shop. We will still be using the Silencer Shop Kiosk to do the finger prints and form 4's.


Non customers can use our Kiosk for Silencer Shop fingerprints for a cost of  $25.00.


Definition of ‘‘Frame or Receiver’’ and
Identification of Firearms


The ATF has come down with a ruling for the FRT's. Click the button bleow to read the document.



Such a move would bump the base price of an entry-model AR, such as a Diamondback DB15, Ruger AR556, or S&W M&P15, from about $650 to $7,150-- a figure that would still be subject to state and local taxes. 


As reported by Guns.com last week H.R. 7910 is a sweeping omnibus gun control measure that:


Raises the purchasing age for most semi-auto centerfire rifles and shotguns to 21-- impacting an estimated 13 million Americans aged 18 to 20.


Bans often standard-capacity magazines capable of holding more than 10 rounds, codifies a federal ban on bump stocks. Grandfathered magazines in circulation would be eligible for taxpayer-funded "buybacks" and require date codes to be legally retained.


Institutes a nationwide mandatory gun lock law backed up with the potential for seizures and fines.


Establishes new federal crimes for gun trafficking and straw purchases in addition to those that already exist.


Establishes a federal definition of "ghost gun" including "3D printing a frame or receiver" mandating background checks for such self-manufactured firearms.


Changes the federal definition of what constitutes an "undetectable firearm."


Changes the legal definition of "firearm" to include gun kits and partial receivers. 


07/29/2021  We have our new online store up and running. Check it out.


12/30/2020 It's been a long time but Heidi has been able to stock up on some very nice pistols, our Glock inventory is high, along with Canik, springfield, FN, Sig Sauer and CZ.


12/30/2020 Hello everyone it's been one crazy year and I hope that every thing is OK with everyone.


8/10/2020 We are now direct with Holuson and will Have a good stock of their Red Dots.


05/18/2019  Our Silencer Shop Kiosk in up and running. Come by and get your silencers today or tomorrow.


Warthog Firearms has started donating to Shriners Childrens Hospital. When you pay for a transfer in cash we send it to the Shriners. Thanks everyone.

We have sent out another $1000.00 to Shriners on 1/30/22 Payment to Shriners are over $5500.00.


Warthog firearms has an area where you can build your own AR using our tools, asking questions, getting help and choose your accessoris from our stock that you need. Bring your kids and make time for the family to build AR's together.

Warthog Firearms can source many different firearms vendors,

this is just a small sample.

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Warthog Firearms is more than just a great place to get and build your AR's and grab a cup of coffee.

We can help with most all your hunting needs or wants, From the pesky hogs to the elusive wildlife. Check out our online store where you can find all sorts of hunting equipment from Ammo to firearms to something to sit on.

Orr Tactical Precision Rifles are built to the standards established for the United States Marine Corps Sniper Platforms. In fact, they are hand built, with only the highest grade, 100% made in America parts, by a Retired USMC Colonel, who has earned a reputation for achieving excellence. The Actions are mated with the same barrel brand used on the M40 Sniper Rifle, maximizing both accuracy and barrel life. The actions are Pillar and Glass bedded into the stocks, ensuring proper free float to optimize barrel harmonics, and the triggers are enhanced to break cleanly and consistently at less than 2 lbs. They will even ship with proof. We guarantee sub MOA Accuracy, with 1/2 MOA being our norm, so every rifle leaves here with a target shot with our standard off the shelf ammunition to show you how good it really is!

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us law shield

Warthog Firearms works with Texas Law Shield. You can come by and get covered today

The first program to truly provide Legal Defense for Self-Defense. Our mission is to educate our members in self-defense law; empower them to handle critical, life-threatening situations with confidence; and protect them from potential injustices in the legal system after acts of self-defense. We believe in empowering our members through knowledge, education, and a self-defense mindset. We challenge the status quo regarding the affordability of legal defense. We exist to support and protect their fundamental legal rights in a potentially hostile legal system.



Our location is easy to get to from all parts of the Houston area.